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Ivanka Trump introduction examination removed by DC principal legal officer

The probe is looking into the spending of the Trump inaugural committee. Ivanka Trump introduction examination, the president's...

Politicians COVID-19 rules passageway on the two sides of the have...

The claim: Politicians COVID-19 rules passageway are urging social distancing and issuing stay-at-home advisories while hosting or attending gatherings themselves.

Marco Rubio is Currently Gearing up to Its politics of destruction

Marco Rubio is Currently Gearing up to Its politics Let’s say you’re a Republican senator who claims to support democracy and...

Please Dios allow it to be! Trump 2024?

Please Dios allow it to be folks, Joe Biden hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and already it’s time to pass over...

Donald Trump team requests recount of Georgia’s presidential race

Donald Trump team requests a recount of votes in the Georgia presidential race on Saturday, a day after state officials certified...

DOJ sues to stop previous Trump national security guide John Bolton’s...

The Justice Department claims Bolton has not gotten done with the audit procedure expected of any creator who had an administration...
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